French Onion Soup $9.00
The only thing the french didn’t give up on

Wings $15.00
Choice of buffalo, plum sauce or cajun dry rub served with bleu cheese & celery

Bowl of Fries $8.00
Fries in a bowl, as simple as that!

Bacon Cheese Fries $13.00
Same as the bowl of fries, but with that cheezy cheese and bacon

Buffalo Fries $13.00
Bowl of fries, with buffalo sauce, carrots, celery, bleu cheese crumbles
and blue cheese dressing

Poutine $13.00
Fries, Gravy, and cheese curds It is Canadian Eh!

Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna* $15.00
Pan seared with a sweet soy drizzle

Mushroom & Duck Quesadilla $14.00
One of our signature appetizers most locals come back for

Killer Quesadilla $14.00
Seasoned chicken, tomatoes, green chilies and obviously cheese

Veggie Quesadilla $14.00
Onions, peppers, mushrooms and cheese

Veggie Spring Rolls $12.50
Fried veggie spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce

The George Nachos $15.00
(add chicken + $3.00 | add duck +$5.00)
Olives, tomatoes and jalapenos loaded with cheddar

Pub Salad $13.00 (add chicken or tuna + $5.00)
Mixed greens, tomatoes, bleu cheese crumbles and dried cranberries
Small ($7.00) or Big ($12.00)

Classic Caesar Salad* (add chicken or tuna + $5.00)
Traditional Caesar Salad Small ($7.00) or Big ($12.00)

Mac & Cheese, Cheeseburger, Chicken Tenders, Cheese Quesadilla or a Grilled Cheese $9.00

Fish & Chips $15.00
served with peas, tartar sauce and malt vinegar, like a true english

Philly Cheese Steak $14.00
cheese, with grilled peppers & onions on a baguette

Veggie Philly $14.00
cheese, mushrooms, peppers & onions on a baguette

Chicken Philly $14.00
cheese, with grilled peppers & onions on a baguette

Grilled Chicken Ciabatta Sandwich $15.50
with swiss, bacon and guacamole

Cajun Tuna Sandwich* $15.50
in our own Cajun spices with a side of chipotle aoli

Buffalo Chicken Wrap $14.00
served with letttuce, cheese and tomato

Fish Tacos $14.00 (2 tacos)
choice of cod with avocado ranch or ahi tuna* with soy lime, choice of soft or crispy shells
(add one taco + $3.00)

Chicken Tacos $14.00 (2 tacos)
Marinated chicken,witch avocado ranch choice of soft or crispy shells
(add one taco + $3.00)

The King George* $15.50
grilled hamburger with cheese, sautéed onions and bacon

Vegan Burger $15.00
Organic vegan burger, with whole grains, onions and peppers, (add bacon +$2.50) 😉

Surf and Turf* $65.00
1/2 lb. King Crab legs, sirloin steak 
with potatoes and veggies (substitute for Filet +$10)

Shroomin Sirloin Steak* $28.00
sauteed mushrooms, with mashed potatoes and
veggies covered in homemade steak sauce

Filet Mignon $32.00
mashed potatoes and fresh veggies covered
in homemade steak sauce

Plum Duck $29.00
half a duck with rice, spring rolls and plum sauce

King Crab Legs $65.00
1 lb. of King Crab legs served with potato wedges and veggies

*These items may be served raw or undercooked based on your specication,
or contain raw or undercooked ingredients. Consuming raw or undercooked meats,
poultry, seafood, shellsh or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness,
especially if you have a certain medical condition.

Montucky Cold Snacks $4.00
Michelob Ultra $5.50
Coors original 16 oz $5.50
Coors light 16 oz $5.50
Budweiser 16 oz $5.50
Bud light 16 oz $5.50
Amstel light $6.50
Heineken $6.50
Heineken NA $5.50
Stella Artois $6.50
Modelo Especial $6.50
Blue Moon $6.50
Fat Tire $6.50
Mountain Time lager $5.00
Colorado Native Pilsner $6.50
Telluride Mountain Beer Kolsch $7.00
Telluride Tempter IPA $7.00
Telluride Russell Kelly Mosaic IPA $7.00
Telluride Face Down Brown $7.00
Vail Brewing Hot Mess Blonde 16 oz $8.00
Vail Brewing Pete’s Stash 16 oz $8.00
Breckenridge Mountain Beach Sour $6.50
Breckenridge Vanilla Porter $8.50
Guinness $8.50
Angry Orchard cider $6.50
White Claw (mango & black cherry) $7.00
Sierra Nevada hazy little thing IPA $6.50
High Noon (Watermelon + Pineapple + Grapefruit) $8.00

Pedroncelli Chardonnay (California) glass $10 | bottle $35
Zenato Pinot Grigio (Italy) glass $9 | bottle $30
Babich Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand) glass $10 | bottle $35
Clean Slate Riesling (Germany) glass $9 | bottle $30
Korbel Brut, Sparkling (California) split $10
La Marca, Prosecco(Italy) Bottle $30
Veuve Clicquot, “Yellow Label”, Champagne bottle $100
Dierberg Chardonnay (California) bottle $60
Long Meadow Ranch Sauvignon Blanc (California) bottle $43

Castle Rock Pinot Noir (California) glass $9.00 | bottle $30
Yalumba Cabernet Sauvignon (Australia) glass $10.00 | bottle $35
High Note Red Blend (Argentina) glass $9.00 | bottle $30
County Line Pinot Noir (California) bottle $60
Readers Cabernet Sauvignon (Washington) bottle $50

Dirty Debutant Hendricks, Olive Juice, Dry Vermouth
Chocolate Martini Stoli, Hersheys White Creme de Cacao
True Blue Martini Gin, Blue Curacao, Dry Vermouth, Twist
Appletini Stoli & Sour Apple Schnapps
Nutty Professor Stoli & Frangelico
Cosmopolitan Stoli, Triple Sec, Lime & Cranberry
Frappatini Breckenridge Expresso Vodka & Irish Cream
Manhattan Bullet Rye, Sweet Vermouth & Cherry
Rob Roy Dewars, Sweet Vermouth & Cherry
PB & J Screwball peanut butter whiskey & black raspberry

Chocolate Orange
Stoli Orange, Irish Cream, Hot Chocolate & Whipped Cream

Nuts & Berries
Frangelico, Black Raspberry Liqueur, Hot Chocolate & Whipped Cream

Irish Eyes are smiling
Irish Cream, Jameson, Hot Chocolate and Whipped Cream

Schnappy Dresser
Rumple Minze, Hot Chocolate and Whipped Cream

Spice Spice Baby
Captain Morgan’s Rum, Apple Cider and Whipped Cream

Hot Apple Pie
Tuaca, Apple Cider, Whipped Cream

Hot Toddy
Jack Honey, Hot Water & Lemon

Stoli, Kahlua, Irish Cream, Coee & Whipped Cream

Nutty Irish
Irish Cream, Frangelico, Coffee & Whipped Cream

Tennessee Mud
Jack Daniel’s, Amaretto , Coffee & Whipped Cream

Mexican Cafe
Kahlua, Tequila, Coffee & Whipped Cream

Italian Cafe
Sambuca, Coffee & Whipped Cream

Irish Coffee
Jameson, Coffee & Whipped Cream

Mixed Drinks
Red Bull Slushies
Red Bull Vodka
(Choice of Regular, Sugar Free, Tropical, Watermelon, Coconut Berry, Blueberry)
Red Bull Tropical Tequila
Red Bull Slushies
Cuba Libre
Pink Drink
Moscow Mule
Dark & Stormy
John Daly
Long Island Iced Tea
El Diablo
Watermelon Patch
Sandinista Sunrise
Sandinista Smiles

292 E Meadow Dr
Vail, Colorado, 81657
United States